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  the outer clitoris that you can see and feel is actually connected to an inner clitoris (!), but more on that shortly. Urethra this small opening, which is where urine comes out, is right below.   the clitoris has approximately 8,000 nerving endings, which is more than anywhere else in the female body. The clitoris is not shaped like a penis, but it is similar to the male anatomy because it has a glans, a foreskin, also known as the clitoral hood, and even a shaft. The clitoris (the pea-sized principal organ of female pleasure) also swells during sexual excitement. Not all vulvas look alike, and you certainly shouldnt be ashamed of the way your vulva looks like. The clitoris, visible in picture (b) as the small white oval between the top of the labia minora and the clitoral hood, is a small body of spongy tissue that is highly sexually sensitive. Only the tip or glans of the clitoris shows extrernally, but the organ itself is elongated and branched into two forks, the crura, which extend downward along. Webmds vagina anatomy page provides an image and definition of the vagina and describes its function, parts, and conditions that affect the vagina. The clitoris is internal as well as external -- and the whole thing is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside -- with legs, called crura, that are within the outer labia, as well as the clitoral (or vestibular) bulbs, which surround part of the lower portion of the vaginal canal. A textbook-type drawn diagram would be fine by me to embed though, and linking the explicit photo is okay too. Cxanus analogy is flawed -- most people associate the anus with excretion, and there is natural aversion to excretion because the lack of such aversion could contribute to the spread of. Clitoris urethra the vagina is a muscular canal lined with nerves and mucus membranes. It connects the uterus and cervix to the outside of the body, allowing for menstruation, intercourse, and.   the size of the clitoris will also change when an individual takes testosterone.

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