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By telling male and female baby guppies apart, you can raise them separately, and assure youll have virgin females for breeding later. Look closely at your platys underside, and note the two fins protruding from its belly. If your platy is male, however, the gonopodium will be pointy, flat and long.   hopefully i explained it good enough for you guys! How to prevent female molly fish from eating its own baby fry.   how quickly the guppies mature depends on your particular strain. Some experienced guppy breeders can tell the sex very early on. For my guppies, it probably took 2 months before i could really sex them. My males grew faster than the females, so they were the larger ones.   the guppys tail fin, or the caudal, can help you determine the sex of the guppy. Male guppies have wide, long caudal fins that are often brightly colored, with elaborate patterns. Female guppies will have shorter caudal fins that are not as wide and long as the males. On the other hand, the female platy fishs anal fin is not long, pointed, and thin but round instead. The dorsal fin of female platy fish is triangular in shape and is pointed downwards. How many fry will a platy drop? The number of a platys offspring is highly dependent on its health and environment. The age, number of reproductive cycles shes been through, and water conditions play a major part in determining the number of fry a platy will drop. They have been in a tank together for some time now, and this is completely new behavior. My tank is 20 gallons, and i have 9 fish, the sunburst platy (male), the painted platy (male), a blue wag platy (male), a velvet wag swordtail (female), three male guppies, one still a baby, and two female german blue rams. In females, this fin is squared off in the males it is pointed and called a gonopodium. This finlike appendage delivers the sperm to the female during mating.

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