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Being able to tell your male crabs from your female crabs can come in handy. The difficulty of determining the gender of a crab can range from quite easy to moderately challenging, depending on the type of crabs you are trying to sex. The larger the crab is, the easier it is to determine the gender. Steaming and eating crabs live and steamed crabs are usually priced according to their sex and their size. The large males bring the highest prices because they (usually) contain a larger quantity of crab meat. Rest assured the alaskan king crab on your dinner plate is a male -- unless you caught it yourself -- as only males are legal for commercial sale. Telling the sex of a live specimen is fairly easy, providing youre in a position to flip the creature over without getting pinched by a claw.   how to clean blue crab - difference in male and female - size limit on blue crab in south carolina - duration 1018.   a demonstration on determining the sex of dungeness crabs and showing the difference between them. When catching crabs they have to be big enough to keep and also you cannot keep females. Heres an easy way to tell the difference between a male and female blue crab. Males have blue claws, and, like most humans, female blue crabs paint their fingernails (i. In addition to the claws, there are other (better) ways to determine the gender of a blue crab. A second way to tell the difference between males and females is by the shape of their apron. If you look at a crabs underside, theres a flap with a distinct shape. Male blue crabs (jimmies) have a long, pointy apron as seen in the first picture below. To tell the sex of a mud crab, turn the crab over and grade into male or females. Be very wary and careful of the crabs nippers when doing this. Male mud crabs have a narrow triangular shaped flap females have a large, rounded, pigmented abdominal flap. To tell what sex a crab is look at the back underside of the legs if they have a dot it is usually a female.

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