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  summaryreview of morality and human sexuality by vincent punzo the section of text reviewed may be found in reflective naturalism by vincent c. Punzo punzo, a proponent of a traditional view of sexual morality, claims that premarital sexual relations are morally deficient.   in morality and human sexuality, vincent punzo argues that in a sexual relationship, a unique commitment is to be had that differentiates itself from other activities. In his argument, punzo states that unlike the man who plays tennis with the woman, the man who has sexual relations with her has literally entered her.   vincent punzo morality and human sexuality published on 14032017 by alovelylittlethinker the ethics of sex has long been controversial, and even to this day is debated.   vincent punzo morality and human sexuality october 18, 2016 december 6, 2016 according to punzo, a sexual encounter is a definitive experience, one in which the physical intimacy and merging involves also a merging of the nonphysical dimensions of the partners. Punzo argues that sex between two people is not only a physical exchange between people who desire to engage in the activity, but an emotional union that connects two people in a way that transcends purely physical means.   vincent punzo morality and human sexuality posted on november 18, 2015 december 20, 2015 by samanthanrc. Vincent punzo believes that anything hat involves sex has to come with commitment. Punzo claims that premarital sexual relations are morally deficient. In this day and age, most would like to claim that having sex with another is synonymous with declaring commitment to the partner. As alan goldman argued, sex does not automatically equate to commitment. Punzo, i believe, sees sex as more than just a physical connection of two people it is also an emotional connection as well. He believes that those who agree to have sex on a purely physical level are depriving themselves as expressing their human sexuality, this deprivation to him is seen as immoral.   vincent punzo plays with the juxtaposition of deciding to have sex with someone and deciding to play a game of tennis them in order to examine the morality involved in decision making surrounding consensual sex.   vincent punzo describes sex as a definitive experience that is inclusive of physical and emotional bonding between people, and most people would probably agree with that definition.

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