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Stripper wells makes up a significant portion of americas oil and natural gas production. These wells may produce less than 15 barrels of oil a day, but they account for nearly 19 of u. They produce less than 90 thousand cubic feet a day, yet account for 12 percent of u. A stripper well or marginal well is an oil or gas well that is nearing the end of its economically useful life. In the united states a stripper gas well is defined by the interstate oil and gas compact commission as one that produces 60,000 cubic feet (1,700 m 3) or less of gas per day at its maximum flow rate the internal revenue service, for tax purposes, uses a threshold of 90,000 cubic. The crown fvs oil stripper is the latest development in oil-stripping technology for the vegetable oil industry. The fvs utilizes 100 direct contact of steam-to-oil for hexane flashing and 0 surface-area flashing. Stripping is a physical separation process where one or more components are removed from a liquid stream by a vapor stream. In industrial applications the liquid and vapor streams can have co-current or countercurrent flows. Stripping is usually carried out in either a packed or trayed column. The stripping tower also named as oil stripper is one station of oil exaction plant. The oil stripper is apt to operate and transport with simple structure style. This process is comprised of a stripper tower, mid-tower and tower kettle been made of stainless steel plate. Biochemical paint strippers can be to remove oil-based and water-based paints from wood, masonry, and metal items but they are not effective on polyurethane or epoxy removal. They can also leave loose wood fibers when used on wood products. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated area when using this type of paint stripper. The easiest way to remove oil-based paint is by stripping with heat or a chemical stripper. If the paint was manufactured before 1978, there is a good chance that it.

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